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I started going to Denise for massage about two years ago, and it has made a huge difference for me. She is a wonderful massage therapist who is trained in many different techniques. Her combination of body and energy work provides results well beyond the traditional massage. She is now a regular part of my ongoing health care.

L. Fey


 I have been seeing Denise for about six years and I feel that my body is much the better for it.  The sessions themselves are very relaxing and I firmly believe the benefits of her "Deep Tissue Massage" therapy are long lasting - and, for me at this point in life, are absolutely necessary.  
D. Winship


I was prompted to see Denise initially for problems with TMJ that I have been having over the years and I wanted to explore another alternative other than a dental appliance to address my problem.  I've now been seeing Denise for over a year having her work on my TMJ and other parts of my body when they need attention.  After each treatment, I always leave feeling wonderful and the pain alleviated.  It is a much different experience than seeing a massage therapist at a spa where it is just a "canned" service and in the end doesn't focus on longer term relief.  Denise addresses the core of your problems and focuses her attention to relieving those pains and assisting you with things to do outside of the massage work to contribute to the healing whether it be spiritually, health wise or mental exercises.  She is very professional in her work ethic and truly cares about her patients and their healing. 


L.  Giebelhaus


I was looking for a new massage therapist when I found Denise on the internet.  I chose her because she does energy work with her body work.  She usually knows, but always asks, "what needs work" and I always leave her table feeling renewed both physically and mentally.  Her massage work is incredible but her energy work is the most delicious icing on the cake.  After several combination body/energy work appointments, I decided to schedule a Energy Realignment session.  I really didn't know what to expect but I experienced some beautiful break throughs in creative spirit and renewed energy with my family after our session and I feel more in tune with myself than I ever have.  Denise has created a wonderful atmosphere to share her gifts in and I always enjoy our time together. 

S. Clem-Wheeler



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